Preparing for Moving Day: 5 Tasks You Will Want to Complete Before the Movers Arrive

Preparing for Moving Day: 5 Tasks You Will Want to Complete Before the Movers Arrive

15 March 2022
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The more prepared you are before the moving company arrives, the smoother your moving day is bound to go. That is why you should take the time to complete each of the following five tasks before your movers arrive.

Task #1: Make Sure You Have Moved Your Vehicles to Make Space for the Moving Truck

It is important that the movers have a safe place to park and easy access to your home. If parking in front of your home is limited, you will want to ensure that your vehicles have been moved in order to allow ample space for them to park the moving truck. Not only will this help to ensure their safety while loading the truck, but it will also allow them to get the job done faster.

Task #2: Make Arrangements for Someone to Watch Your Children and Pets

Young children and pets can get in the way when trying to load all of your belongings onto a moving truck. It is always best to make arrangements for someone to watch them for you until you have arrived at your new home and all of your belongings have been unloaded. 

Task #3: Label Each Item with a Colored Label to Identify Its Destination

In order to maximize efficiency, it is a good idea to use colored labels in order to indicate where each box or item should be placed inside your new home. For example, placing red labels on all of the items that belong in your master bedroom will allow your movers to quickly identify the intended location and ensure that these items are placed in the appropriate place. Just be sure to use matching labels to identify each room inside your home so that the movers are not required to remember what room has been assigned to each color.

Task #4: Separate Any Items You Don't Want Taken on the Truck

Most people have at least a few items that they would prefer to transport themselves. Oftentimes these items are extremely fragile or hold significant sentimental meaning. If you have any items that you do not want to make their way onto the moving truck, it is best to separate these items into a specific location within your home. You may also want to attach labels to these items that indicate they should not be moved.

Task #5: Create an Inventory List of Everything the Moving Company Is Transporting

While the goal is always to transport all of your belongings without any damage occurring, there is always the possibility that an item could be damaged or lost. In order to ensure that you are able to effectively file an insurance claim if necessary, it is always a good idea to create an inventory list of all items that are being transported by the moving company. This list should include any serial numbers for large ticket items such as electronics.

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